Vlogging Update: May 2017


Hey y’all,

Sorry for the long absence.

My computer died.

I gave it to my aunt to work on.

She does IT work for the local school district.

Unable to fix it, she gave me another one that a school was getting rid of.

I tried to salvage what I could from the old one.

But, most of my programs and files were lost.

I’ve been searching for the missing software and restoring what I can.

My scanner/printer didn’t want to cooperate with the new computer.

I tried replacing it.

But, the replacements didn’t work either.

After a couple of days messing with it, I finally got it running.

My van has a million problems.

But, at least I got the front tire fixed that kept going flat.

I’ve replaced that tire THREE TIMES and it still kept going flat.

I thought maybe the rim was bent.

I had it looked at and they found a piece of metal lodged inside.

They patched it up.

Now, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Only cost me $15 bucks (thank God)!

I tried to repay my grandmother $700 dollars I owe her.

She forgave some of it.

My ex forgave the $200 I owed her, too, since I’ve been helping her relocate and move her stuff.

Not sure how I’ll get my other debts paid.

But, I try not to get stressed out about it.

That really fucks up my creativity.

Spring Has Sprung


I was watching some YouTube videos lately.

I got very annoyed.

Other bands are doing stuff that I wanna do.

But, they keep beating me to it.

I hate when that shit happens.

Maybe it is just that everything has already been done to death and we keep repeating and reinterpreting what came before us.

I dunno.

I know that, financially, I am gonna be screwed for the foreseeable future.

I am robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as I have to.

I seriously doubt that I will break even before summer begins.

I keep putting off working on and publishing the zine until I can get ahead a little.

But, that doesn’t look like it is going to happen very soon.

I may do a cheaper version, than what I had in mind, until it begins to pay for itself.

Just a thought.

I will probably raid my boxes of old tapes that I have in storage and dig around for some incomplete material to finish.

I have a lot of it, going back nearly forty years.

Since I have been tinkering with the analogue multi-track machine, maybe I will include some fresher stuff with it, too.

I dunno.

A guitarist whom I have not played with in years contacted me and is eager to jam again.

So, maybe he can give me a morale boost and help me get my shit done.


I am always willing to jam with other people if they are interested.

I need to find somewhere that I can paint and make loud noises too.

Maybe somebody can help me with that.

Why All Religions Are Scams

Why All Religions Are Scams
What is a “True Believer?”

A scam is defined as a claim that gives results that are something other than what was promised. The truth of the matter is that all religions are scams by virtue of the claims they make. Their core beliefs cannot be proven, and this includes the very existence of their gods, angels, demons, miracles, etc.

Christianity, itself, has failed to even prove the historicity of it’s central character, Jesus Christ, or the existence of his core group of followers that we know as the Apostles. The entire Christian religion is built upon a house of cards that is dismantled with ease. Islam has it’s own set of problems with this issue, and the inumerable gods and related doctrines surrounding other religions cannot be ignored as well. The problem with religions in general is that each one teaches theirs is the unadulterated truth without the benefit of evidence and cannot reconcile the difference between what they promise to deliver and what they actually do, ergo, scams.

The purveyors of religion have convinced millions of people to exchange the truth for a lie. Where the Abrahamic religions are concerned, believers have been duped into believing as truth the narrow-minded, ignorant, archaic ideologies of primitive, iron-age men who taught that imaginary beings bring about changes in weather patterns or cause diseases, natural disasters and birth defects in response to disobedience of fairy tale commandments and that it is perfectly normal to believe that a deity has granted their request for a decent parking spot over the wholesale starvation of millions of innocent children.

On Diplomacy

Yet atheists are asked to be diplomatic, tolerant and accepting of religion. While there is a place for diplomacy in certain situations when discussing the personal faith of individuals, it is painfully obvious that where religion as a whole is concerned, the diplomacy that has been fostered by many atheists has miserably failed. Atheists are not immune to emotional outbursts and polemic inspiration, and occasionally get incensed, enraged and just plain angy at some of the “god-given” commandments in the Bible and the Koran that when followed to the letter, result in the destruction of individual freedoms and loss of life. Religion is also directly or indirectly responsible for the vast majority of the wholesale slaughter, torture and terrorism that has been, and continues to be, inflicted upon humanity.

The Abrahamic religions may have peaceful attributes, but at their core, they are far from peaceful. They are poisonous, and cause otherwise intelligent people to act in ways that are antithetical to the positive growth of our societies. They foster discrimination, bigotry, unfair judgment and in extreme cases, cause otherwise sane people to rationalize and advocate sociopathic and psychopathic behaviors. The recent “Judgment Day” fiasco is a perfect example of this, and while there are many who accuse these particular wingnuts of being “False Christians,” they are able to justify their beliefs using the same Bible that even the most liberal, progressive Christians have sitting on their bedsides.

The fact remains that diplomacy only works when both sides are willing to compromise. While many people of faith are nice folks who generally keep their personal beliefs to themselves, when backed into a corner, they are not generally willing to compromise on the issue that affect the lives, livelihoods and personal freedoms of those who choose reality over the world of make-believe. Thus, there is a growing intolerance toward the prevalence of myths and legends being taught in the place of real sciences in the classroom, as well as Christian revisionist history replacing actual facts.

Atheists Speaking Out

While some unbelievers may choose to remain silent or non-confrontational, there are a growing number who have decided that the time has come to vocalize the truth that all religions are scams. The days of handling with kid-gloves those who have been deluded into believing that ancient myths, legends and fairy tales and giving them all sorts of accommodation are rapidly coming to an end. Someone has got to tell the kids that there is no Santa Claus.

Atheists are weary of trying to fight for acceptance in society and are increasingly unwilling to put up with being forced to accept the proliferation of what amounts to be the biggest Ponzi scheme in the known universe. Many unbelievers don’t feel any obligation to turn the other cheek and have chosen to leave the niceties, tolerance and accommodation to the diplomats.


Al Stefanelli
Georgia State Director, American Atheists, Inc