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Who is Mike Nobody?

Mike Nobody (a.k.a. Ronnie Michael Sullivan, born September 15, 1973) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, visual artist, and creator of experimental custom-made instruments. Diagnosed with major depression and anxiety disorders, he is regarded as an outsider artistmusician by his contemporaries in the fine art and alternative music scenes. Known for his broad-ranging style and diverse projects, his sound incorporates a variety of music genres, both popular and experimental, with a predominantly Lo-Fi aesthetic. Much of his work consists of ultra-limited, handmade cassettes recorded alone in his home, with whatever means that were available at the time.

His visual work consists primarily of stream of consciousness drawings, comics, and mixed media paintings, while occasionally venturing into film & video. With an eclectic and irreverent style, he creatively layers a number of multidisciplinary techniques together he sometimes refers to as Outsider Pop Surrealism.

Creating in near anonymity since the 1980’s, most exposure to his work has been primarily in the form of mail art packages, ad-hoc self-distribution, and a few local retail outlets. He gained some notoriety in the Metro Detroit area, beginning in the 1990’s, and has collaborated with numerous musicians across the sonic spectrum. Whether people were listening or not, however, Mike continued to compulsively produce music and art pieces. Exponential growth of the internet in the intervening years has given Mike new opportunities to reach an audience, unavailable to him before.

Potential listeners may be bewildered by the sometimes disastrous, but always hypnotizing, performances of an unpolished Mike Nobody. Over the years it has become apparent that fans appreciate his idiosyncratic creativity.

If you can’t get past his unusual playing, singing, sonically experimental style, you may not be a part of the audience who loves music as Mike does – not written “for” a music industry, but for himself. He appeals to those who share the love of art as a passion and not an enterprise.

Can I send my music or art to Mike to review?

Yes. Send it to the P.O. box address – see contact. It isn’t reasonable to always expect a response from Mike, but he does enjoy and appreciate the work of others a great deal.

What do I need to know to COVER a song written by Mike? How do I go about licensing Mike’s music for my video / film?

You can generally sing and perform covers of Mike’s music without obligation. When you reach the point you want to publish your cover, or include any music in your project, your label or publisher will know how to report and pay for use of copyrighted material. For any questions, you can contact Theee Urban SpaceCat Publishing (BMI).

Does Mike ever show his art anywhere?

He’ll showcase his artwork in art fairs, coffee houses, galleries. music venues, record stores, here and there, all over the place. Just make an offer.

What type of paints and materials does he use for his art?

Whatever is available at the time; markers, pencil, acrylic, enamel, aerosol, house paint, wood, paper, canvas, found objects.

How can I be notified if Mike will be performing in my area?

It is recommend that you check with venues. If you register onto the mailing list, you can be alerted to new dates.

Partial Discography:

  • Mike Damn Nobody – 1994 – Birthday
  • Various Artists – 1995 – In Lieu of Id Compilation (Mandibles In Crisis Zine w/ Fognozzle, Xome, 3D House of Beef, Cock E.S.P., Jay T. Yamamoto and Men’s Recovery Project)
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 1995 – Edible Audio
  • Edible Audio – 1996 – Laugh on the World
  • F2RC (Fresh Farmed Raised Catfish) – 1996 – Blurk!
  • Edible Audio – 1996 – Talking Machine
  • Edible Audio – 1997 – Windy Saturn
  • Bionics – 1997 – Bionics
  • Bionics – 1997 – Moving Target
  • Various Artists – 1998 – Fruited Other Surfaces (Vermiform Records, featuring; Mike Nobody, Lightning Bolt, Men’s Recovery Project, Amps For Christ, Antisocial Beards, Bastard Noise, Boomerang, Mr. Brinkman, Bullet In The Head, The Catholic Church, Dropdead, Forcefield, Hermit, Huldremose Deleted, Human Head, In Search Of Obsession, Jay T. Yamamoto, Krebstar, Landed, Rah Bras, Replikants, Rubber O Cement, Sinking Body, Snake In The Monkey’s Shadow, Spastic Colon, Tit Wrench, Vanilla Gross, and White Christmas)
  • N2-Submission – The Deal
  • N2-Submission – Black Christmas
  • N2-Submission – St. Patty’s Day Massacre
  • N2-Submission – My Only Obsession
  • N2-Submission – First Kill
  • N2-Submission – Necessary Evil
  • Mystic MarshaKat – Why Can’t We Be Friends?
  • Mystic MarshaKat – Love Is Time
  • Mystic MarshaKat – Souls on Fire
  • Mystic MarshaKat – Starward Fury EP
  • Mike (Damn) Nobody – 2014 – Beginner’s Luck Mini-Zine (Ltd. Ed. 50)
  • Island of Misfit Noise – 2015 – Stone Soup & Mulligan Stew EP
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2015 – Beginner’s Luck
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2015 – Rebirth’d 1+2+3
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2015 – The Lost Tapes 1+2+3+4
  • Mike Damn Nobody and Grinding Deviance – 2018 – Pornolocaust
  • Various Artists – 2018 – Electronic Cottage Audio Exquisite Corpse (EC Community members w/ Hal McGee, Juan Angel Italiano, {AN} EeL, Girls On Fire [Leslie Singer], Frank, Lumen K, osvaldo cibils, Crank Sturgeon, The Joke Project [Seiei Jack], Lord Litter, Jeremiah Paddock, Francesco Aprile, Rafael González, W.A.Davison, Dave Fuglewicz, homogenized terrestrials [Phillip Klampe], Penny Grune-Fae, David Nadeau, and Fiver’s Stereo [Shatter Wax])
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2018 – 666
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2019 – Psychic Tension
  • Various Artists – 2019 – Microcassette From A Greek Answering Machine ( 3″ CD-R compilation on Quagga Curious Sounds w/
    Frank Audiffret, Mike Nobody, Rinus Van Alebeek, Rafael González, Dylan Houser, and Michael Ridge)
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2019 – Buy Bull State
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2019 – Nothing Will Change
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2020 – Sisyphean Verschlimmbessern
  • Mike Damn Nobody – 2020 – Equestrain Circuitry
  • Michael Damnation Nobody & Grinding Deviance – 2020 – Harshest Noise Ever (Pandemic Isolation Sessions)

…and numerous untitled cassettes (1985-present)

Partial Filmography:

  • The Record Collector – MTV Awards TV Spots (Commercials – 1996 – Actor)
  • MelvinsMombius Hibachi (Music Video – 1997 Actor, deleted scenes)
  • Last Days (HBO Movie – 2005 – Actor, quit during failed 1997 pre-production)
  • I Dream of SpaceCat (Short Film – 2017 – Writer, Director, Producer)
  • Island of Misfit Noise: Untitled [currently in production] (Writer, Director, Producer)


  • Theee Urban SpaceCat #1 (May 2019)
  • Theee Urban SpaceCat #2 (June 2019)
  • Theee Urban SpaceCat #3 (???)



PHOTOS: some legacy photos available to the press.

ART: examples of Mike’s art (you may reproduce art in periodicals or on-line when you publish an article on Mike).

Mike Nobody 1988-1989-ish Legacy Photo 2

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