Art By MykNobody

404168_3705660844705_944263372_nCUSTOM PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS

Order your own MykNobody canvas painting (11″×14″) or drawing (8″×11″)

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What type of paints and canvas do you use?
Whatever is available at the time; Acrylic, Enamel, Aerosol, House Paint. I re-purpose materials when I can get them and make mixed-media paintings with found objects.
How are Prices Determined?
More options are available upon request. The price of each item depends mostly on four things: Time, Materials, Size, and Shipping. Other expenses may also be taken into consideration.
All items ship AS IS. I don’t attach wire so that you can hang in any direction you want. Pieces can easily be hung with two small screws or nails, and can be hung from the outer frame or the cross bar (the more sturdy way to do it).