Transfeminism Rainbow

A couple of months ago, I was publicly humiliated in a rant on Craigslist by a former bandmate or collaborator.

It was very upsetting to me.

The chickenshit never identified himself, though.

Anyway, one of his criticisms was my support of LGBTIQ rights.

I honestly didn’t think that I had made a big deal about it.

I may have said something briefly, gave some warning, to avoid potential conflicts.

That is about it.

I do not know if I would write a song on the subject or not.


It is possible.

It is something I have always cared about and has become more accepted by the mainstream in the last couple of years.

I simply acknowledge that gender and sexual orientation are not binary constructs.

It is a range of possibilities that a person may find themselves being.

There are thousands of species of animals that are identifiable along this range.

There are biological and environmental factors that affect our physiology and behavior.

Why wouldn’t sexual orientation and gender be among those affected?

Pollution has exacerbated the population of intersexed animals.

Hormones dumped into the sewer systems and water supply has created more hermaphrodite fish.

Why wouldn’t that also affect us?

Our corporate food supply has increasingly used hormones and drugs to produce more meat, resulting in radical changes in child development.

Kids mature faster than they used to.

Doesn’t anybody think that this has other side effects?

I am not saying that this an entirely man-made phenomenon.

But, I think the natural balance of things has definitely been affected by factory farms and industrial waste.

People who are LGBTIQ are still human beings who deserve love and respect, as anybody else would.

Hiding bigotry behind religion doesn’t help anyone.

It just breeds more bigotry and social problems.

Usually, the bigger the homophobe someone is, the more self-loathing and deeper in the closet they are too.

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I Am Under No Obligation To Make Sense To Anyone

Santa Christ Jedi Rapter vs UFOs

When I began writing songs, as a kid in the 1980’s, I was very self-conscious of what the lyrics were “supposed” to be like.

I knew that I DID NOT want to sound like 90% of the vapid garbage on the radio or MTV.

It had to “mean” something.

It had to be important.

The Laughing Hyenas had a strict band policy that their songs were always about themselves, someone that they knew, or something in the news.

I shared that sentiment for a long time.

But, over time, I realized that I was making a mistake.

I was rejecting otherwise good material that I had written, solely for this reason, until I realized that I don’t have to write about anything…at all.

I am under no obligation to make sense to anyone.

My lyrical style may sometimes be autobiographical. I can share stories of things that have happened to me and people that I have known.

It may often share George Carlin’s comedic style. His material falls under one of three self-described categories: “the little world”, “the big world”, and the English language, all sharing the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit”, which might include murder, genocide, war, rape, corruption, religion and other aspects of human civilization. He was known for mixing observational humor with larger social commentary. His delivery frequently treated these subjects in a misanthropic and nihilistic fashion.

But, it can also be surreal dadaist nonsense.

It can be anything that I want it to be.