Transwoman Dares Bible-Quoting Anti-LGBT Councillor To Stone Her To Death

A City Council member of Shreveport, Louisiana has abandoned efforts to remove recently passed legal protections for LGBT people, after public outcry.  During testimony against the plans, a Trans woman dared the Councilman to stone her to death, if he truly believed the scripture he was quoting to support his personal prejudices.
Following a successful campaign by LGBT coalition Be Fair Shreveport, the Councilvoted 6-1 last December to pass ordinance which bans discrimination in housing and employment within city limits on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The lone ‘no vote’ came from Councilman Ron Webb, telling KSLA TV station “The Bible tells you homosexuals are an abomination,”
Ten days later, Webb drafted ordinance that would repeal these newly extended legal protections, and when they were brought before the Council chamber last Tuesday – droves of people registered to speak against the Councilman’s regressive proposal.
The most profound of these speakers was trans woman Pamela Raintree, who took just one minute to expose Councilman Webbs professed religiosity as nothing more than a smokescreen for his own personal bigotry.  She addressed the following to Webb before the packed Council house:
“Leviticus 20:13 states, ‘If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, they shall surely put him to death,'” Raintree began. “I brought the first stone, Mr. Webb, in case that your Bible talk isn’t just a smoke screen for personal prejudices.”
Webb declined to follow the clear order of scripture and stone Pamela to death.  He also recalled his proposal before it was put to a vote, meaning the hard won protections of Shreveport’s LGBT community remain intact – thanks to the unity and defiance of the local community and campaigners.You can watch the confrontation below:

Transwoman Dares Bible-Quoting Anti-LGBT Councillor To Stone Her To Death

It is timely and easy to dispel the compelling narrative put forward by those opposed to equal rights, that there is some sort of tension between opposing rights.  Social conservatives/bigots would have you believe that their right to freedom of speech or religion is somehow at odds with that of LGBT people to live their lives parallel and equal in law.  This is not true.  LGBT people are not asking for the right to burn bibles, or churches, or dissolve heterosexual marriages or refuse to serve social conservatives.  All LGBT people are asking for is equality.  This argument is hard to refute, so often religion is brought in as a ballast.

‘Look, I am not judging you or your lifestyle,’ says Mr/Ms Social Conservative with a frowny face ‘I have these religious convictions and you are actually preventing me from exercising them by demanding equal rights.  Your inequality is right and proper according to my deeply held religious views, it is written in scripture, and those views are protected by the constitution’.
If this is the case, then the person using such an argument can not pick and choose which bits of scripture are protected under law and which are not.  Why? Because at the point which they make such a personal distinction, it is simply their subjective opinion. Which by their own logic, not mine, is trumped by religious scripture.  By calling on the Councilman to stone her, and enforce the orders of Leviticus, Pamela Raintree made this contradiction clear for all to see.  She may never change Councilman Webb into a progressive character, but she made a stand on behalf of herself and her community that made a profound difference – and that is worthy of acknowledgment and celebration.


“All the various styles are organically connected to one another. I’m an additive person—the entire storehouse of my knowledge informs everything I do. People are so obsessed with the surface that they can’t see the connections, but they are there.” ~ John Zorn

“Cute, cool, and creepy”, is how I have been described by some folks.

Usually, I am classified by my contemporaries as an outsider artist-musician.

Davin Brainard (time Stereo) and Warren DeFever (His Name Is Alive) shared their observation about me that I don’t intentionally TRY to be perceived as weird, I just naturally AM, making comparisons to Wesley Willis and Daniel Johnston. I guess that I will just go along with those descriptions.

Outsider Artist / Musician;

  • Music, Art, and Zines
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I enjoy creating what I refer to as “Prog-Punk Noise-Rock”, a strange pastiche of styles tied together. I have collaborated with plenty of other artists over the years with wide degrees of proficiency in many genres.

I have been obsessively into art and music my whole life; drawing, painting, playing with tape recorders and making noise. I built my first guitar from a badly beaten-up body & neck that I found in someone’s trash. A friend’s dad gave me the electrical guts from an unknown 1950’s guitar. Additional parts were improvised from pieces of found junk and purchased from a music store.

When I was a twelve year old kid, back in the 1980’s, I was just a runt of the Detroit hardcore punk / heavy metal scene . Lacking enough money to buy any good equipment, I purchased a cheap microphone at a pawn shop, built a homemade mic stand, and passed myself off as a vocalist. I sang in whatever groups that I could find, gaining experience and learning whatever that I could. Mostly, it was shitty cover bands, playing in basements, getting yelled at by uninvited drunks that we suck. Eventually, I improved my bass & guitar skills, playing in many short-lived groups that went nowhere.

I was a writer / photographer for The Jam Rag, a widely-read local music paper, while still a teenager and made friends with other artists along the way. During the 1990’s I was a cameraman, roadie, and occasional collaborator with Princess Dragon-Mom, Mog Stunt Team, His Name Is Alive, etc.. I also performed in a few experimental noise groups; Edible Audio (with drummer Mick Stone of 500 ft of Pipe) and Bionics (with John Nevermind of Fresh Farm Raised Catfish), etc.

The Island of Misfit Noise began in the summer of 1998 with only Mystic MarshaKat and myself. She played keyboards & guitar. I played bass & guitar. Both of us were former members of N2-Submission, backing band for The Impaler “Detroit’s Vampire Poet.” Our duo’s name changed a couple of times, before settling on the IOMN.  Other musicians came and went during a period of 15 years, with she & I being the only constant members of the group. She also left in early 2013. MarshaKat and I remain friends. She may continue to assist in some capacity, just not as a full-time band member.

I resurrected the IOMN as a recording project in late 2014, with collaborators from Michigan to Australia. We exchanged material back-and-forth until some music was completed. The style that we made is very freeform. A few collaborators from the IOMN have joined me in other projects.


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Some of my current projects;

  • Island of Misfit Noise is an ongoing multimedia project, begun in 1998 as a musical group, with a constantly rotating membership. It has since expanded into music videos, film-making, performance art, and comic books. I will continue to add material to this as I go along, with additional collaborators.
  • Theee Urban SpaceCat (Cassette-Zine) is a publication of my artwork, ramblings, stories, correspondences, miscellaneous found objects, music, commentary, and anything else packaged with a cassette tape of my recordings (compact disc optional)… whatever they may be. It is an outlet for all of my artistic endeavors, combined into one package, modeled after decades of correspondence with my friends.
  • Mike Damn Nobody is my experimental noise project; incorporating tape loops, circuit-bending, custom instruments, and anything else available. Recordings are available on RecycleTapes (cassettes handmade from re-purposed materials) and digital download formats.
  • Painting, Drawing, Visual Art, etc.

This post was a little long, containing influences, gear, personal info, etc.. It has been relocated to About / FAQ / Press – Details.

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Mike Nobody =^.^=

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I forgot to update everybody on this. A few months ago, the website for We Make Zines had to relocate when they lost their web hosting provider. I had been a member since 2014. So, I reopened an account at the new site. All of my previous postings have been lost. So, aside from my profile, there isn’t much of mine to look at yet. Zinesters and enthusiasts can find plenty of other information there, though. The link is above.