Redd Kross

Redd Kross RK

I was not planning to add another post today.

But, a friend requested to keep ’em coming.

So, okay, one more.

Redd Kross is an American alternative rock band from Hawthorne, California, who had their roots in 1978 in a band called The Tourists, which was begun by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald while they were still in middle school. With the addition of friends Greg Hetson and John Stielow on drums, the band’s first gig was opening for Black Flag.

With deep connections to influential groups like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Off! (and even the White Stripes), Redd Kross are a band that I can relate to for a couple of reasons:

  • They began very young (11 and 15), performing in a hardcore punk scene full of adults.
  • They’ve had a thousand different drummers and lead guitarists.
  • They embrace campiness and 1970’s pop culture.
  • They are not afraid of change, trying new musical styles.
  • They wrote a song titled “Notes and Chords Mean Nothing To Me”.
  • They are punks with long hair, like moi.
  • They are still at it, decades later, with little or no recognition to show for it.

Overall, I dig their pop catchiness and the colorful retro presentation that they usually bring.

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