Homemade Noise Machines

Tom Waits plays his truck air horn.
Tom Waits plays his truck air horn.

I have always been a packrat and tinkerer.

So, naturally, I liked to build my own instruments and noisemakers when I had the materials for it.

Anything that vibrates and changes pitch is fair game.

I made many attempts, but never mastered building electronics.

Some of my simple guitar-based instruments worked pretty well, though.

I once played “The Electric Stick” with Carey Loren’s Monster Island and MSBR, from Japan.

MSBR were so impressed that they put a video of me on their website.

I ended up giving the The Electric Stick away to Davin Brainard, of Princess Dragon-Mom, during a housecleaning Marsha Postel and I had in our Detroit apartment.

I recently uncovered some old parts in storage that may be useful.

So, maybe I will make something again, soon.

Frank Zappa on TV!

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