Junkyard Percussion

Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band_12001

Beating a rhythm out on found objects is as old as the caveman hitting stumps and stones with a stick.

The modern equivalent is prominent in industrial music, although not exclusive to that.

I kinda prefer the clunky sound of hitting a piece of scrap metal over commercially sold cymbals.

Well, except the high-hat.

High-hats are kinda cool.

There seemed to be more groups that did stuff like this, twenty or thirty years ago; Cop Shoot Cop, Pussy Galore, Skeleton Key, Doo Rag, Tchkung!, etc..

I haven’t seen as many like that in a long time.

I would like to include it in my little bag of magic tricks, too.

So far, few people seem to enjoy doing it… except me.

I am slowly rebuilding a new and IMPROVED ShitKit, incorporating found junk as well as electronics and contemporary drums.

It may take me awhile.

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