My Immigration Solution

If Mexicans want to be Americans so badly, why not get Mexico to apply for U.S. statehood?
That way, Mexico would abide by the same laws as the U.S. and get the same protections as U.S. citizens. Also, the current proposals by the Republicans & Democrats are unfeasable in effectively dealing with illegal immigration.

Besides, the Southern border of Mexico would be much easier to manage immigration through than the current 2,000+ miles between the USA and Mexico. The U.S. would benefit by having easier access to Mexican resources without having to deal with customs and border issues. NAFTA was essentially created for the purpose of setting a pretext to create a North American Union, similar to the European Union. However, the design of this Union (shaped behind-the-scenes by an elite clique of globalists) robs the U.S. of it’s national sovereignty and civil rights protections. The corporate elites want a pseudo-communist constitution to replace the sovereign constitutions of Canada, Mexico and the USA. The “Amero” is intended to replace all three currencies as well.

If Mexico JOINED the United States before such a Union was completed, it could save us from losing our constitution to the conspirators doing this.

One thought on “My Immigration Solution

  1. Mexico is a corrupt Authortorian government. It’s as far from a Republic as you can get without falling off the earth. We have a fear of a new kind of ‘people’???!!!??? We’ve had lots of Mexicans that came here legally over the years and gratefully assimilated. They are not coming here just to work but to take it OVER. By their sheer numbers they will smother our political voice and render our constitution as null and void. A dead constitution means no constitution at all! In my neighborhood there was even once little arrogant asshat who put a sign in his yard promising to take over this country….they’ve declared it in public places….they teach rascism and hate against Americans. If you make them a part of America they will overwhelm us with their sheer numbers. Which is what they’ve planned all along. They already meddle in our government as the asshat Vincente fox has already proven. Do you mean to tell me that you are all for the corrupt Mexicanization of America????

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