BANNED AGAIN! Updated 12-22-08


My new YouTube screen name is MikeNobodyIsBack. I also have a sister page which is exclusively my own content MikeNobodyStuff. My other accounts on LiveVideo, Dailymotion, PutFile, etc. have not been changed.
I’m still Mike Nobody.

United MadTubers:

We are the United MadTubers. We are an online organization here to fight for youtuber rights. Many youtubers, maybe such as yourself have had videos deleted, because of “terms of violation”, or “copyrights”, although nothing was wrongly done. You may have even had account deleted, even though what you were posting was perfectly legal. What we want is for Youtube to allow us to fully “Broadcast Ourselves” without deleting our accounts or videos.

One thought on “BANNED AGAIN! Updated 12-22-08

  1. Hey, I like ur persistence! You’re a fighter and I like that. I sent you an invite from MySpace that would be from ‘J.’. Most of my other sites are Zena. Like on Live video. I don’t know this website very well. I’m just learning it really. Even though I’ve had it for a while. My name on it is ‘Wampuss Kitty’. Link: I ever figure out how to do the ‘team member’ thing, I think it’s like a friend’s list? I’ll add you on there. I’ll blog you on my stuff too, and spread it around. This is a free speech situation, and I’m impressed to see you taking up the fight. KUDO’S! YOU GO GUY! Have a great 4th of July! Later, Zena

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