Thanksgiving Update 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! You wouldn’t know it from the decorations on display. Santa Claus is already poking his fat ass into everything since Halloween. Jeezus, can we have just one holiday at a time? Please?

2021 Hamtramck, Michigan

I thought that I would catch you up on things, to prove that I’m not dead… yet. I was supposed to be a “celebrity judge” at this year’s Planet 9 Film Fest in Hamtramck, again. But, I never made it out of Taylor. I got halfway across town and unexpectedly had to turn around because the transmission was failing. I barely crawled the car home and had to push it into our parking lot, alone. A few weeks prior to this I had taken it to the repair shop. The undercarriage is rotting apart (that’s Michigan for ya). When they had made the initial repairs I brought it in for, it was returned to me with severe transmission problems, just like now. I took it back and they fixed it for free. But, they only half-ass patched up the transmission line with some hose. I think that the sudden cold weather caused the line to break again. Anyway, I took it back again a third time, being pushed the entire way by the mechanic’s car. But, the damage was done. This time, when I got the car back, it only had the first two gears and reverse. The shop warned me to get rid of the vehicle before. It is not worth dumping money into. But, I had limited options, and went deeper in debt to have it worked on anyway. Now, this junker can barely get to 30mph, making it useless for anything but grocery shopping. The debt payments are sucking away half my income, now, as I look for a way to consolidate them into something more manageable. A few days ago, to make matters worse, the exhaust pipe has broken somewhere between the engine and muffler. So, the car is loud as shit!

The timing of this is really terrible, too. I had recently found a guitarist and a drummer who want to collab with me. But, now the guitarist has backed out and I haven’t heard from the drummer in awhile. Without reliable transportation, I can’t blame them for leaving.

The monitor used with my main computer crapped out on me, only months after buying it. So, I have relocated the studio computer next to it. They now share a monitor together, with a KVM switch. I have moved the Korg Workstation / Sampler next to them, as well. So, my home recording setup is mostly collected together in a corner of my bedroom, now. The living room feels a lot bigger since doing this. There are lots of other repairs and upgrades needed for my gear. But, as always, I make do with what is available and add stuff to it as I go.

Well, guess that is all I have to say, for now. Enjoy your food. Try not to argue with your family over dumb bullshit. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Punk Politics #62

Punx In Solidarity

So the Rittenhouse verdict came out today. Unanimously not guilty on all charges. This is less than surprising considering that I’m surprised the judge didn’t give him a handy in the courtroom. Also the prosecution definitely phoned it in which is unsurprising as at the end of the day, the judge and pigs are homies with the DA. Then of course Biden crawls out to say that he stands by the verdict and that the system works while saying he didn’t watch the trial. Considering that this segregationist fuck wrote and named a crime bill after himself whose sole purpose was to further white privilege and criminalize being black, this was an expected answer. Then we have not fascists celebrating this and neoliberal fuck boys like Cuomo towing the same line. Fuckin sounded like he was auditioning for Fox. This verdict is fucking disturbing as it has made it okay…

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Punk Politics #59

I can’t even.

Punx In Solidarity

On the subject of boosters. Fuck every wealthy country for hoarding vaccines! The whole damned planet is interconnected you elitist douche bags! Our people shouldn’t be getting a 3rd shot until the people in developing nations can actually give a decent amount of their population a first shot. It’s already bad enough that half the American population is dumb fuckin hayseeds who are following right wing grifters right to the morgue. That’s actually another fuckin reason we don’t deserve boosters beyond the flagrant privilege. I’m ashamed to be of the country that’s the most extreme vulture in history. Maybe America is waiting for Covid to kill off the 3rd world to make neo colonial imperialism easier. Though the shortage in slave labor will pose some problems.

– C Fish

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Happy Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees!

Happy Friday the 13th

The evolution of Jason Voorhees.

The film title Friday The 13th refers to the birthday of Jason Voorhees and also the day of his re-birth from the dead. So, yeah, it makes more sense when you know that. Because, each film does not take place on the same day, of course. Jason is probably my favorite horror character. Sure, he was a ripoff of Michael Myers. The producers just wanted to cash in on the slasher film craze that was happening at the time. But, his tragic backstory and evolution as a character, was much more compelling. He may have been the first serial killer in film history that the audience rooted for. He predated Dexter by over three decades (another one of my favorites).

I saw the first four movies at the drive-in (remember those?). The franchise probably should have ended with Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Friday. I mean, it is right there in the title for Chrissakes! But, as long as a film makes a profit, a sequel is certain. Part 5 was a letdown. Jason isn’t even it. Part 6 was very good (it is possibly the best one) and would have made for an excellent coda to the series. It was funny, well produced, and gave Alice Cooper a much deserved comeback. The franchise really jumped the shark after that, though.

Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan was the lowest point, IMO. It should have been called Jason Takes A Boat! He’s only in New York for a few minutes at the end. It was just so stupid! It looks like it was shot during a single weekend with a home video camera. Don’t get me wrong. All of the movies have some good elements in them, even the ones that sucked. The deaths became more creative. Kane Hodder became the definitive Jason Voorhees, actually giving the character more “acting” ability than the previous stuntmen in a costume. But, his talents were wasted in the worst movies.

There was a reboot in 2009. It was okay, I guess. It sort of combined the first four movies together, which isn’t a bad concept. I just don’t think that they executed it as well as they could have. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to do it justice in one movie. Jason’s story would probably fit better into a mini-series, that could be binge-watched. That is the way I prefer to watch the movies, anyway, like episodes in a TV show. The continuity in them is a little muddled. That could be easily fixed, though. In my headcanon, Jason’s death as a young boy is still the same. He is a bullied retarded child with physical deformities, who drowns in Crystal Lake, while the counselors who were supposed to supervise the kids were elsewhere having sex. Subsequently, Camp Crystal Lake is shut down. Pamela Voorhees, the cook (and Jason’s mother), returned twenty years later before it was reopened, to kill everyone there.

Now, in Jason Goes to Hell, one of the Easter eggs in his mother’s house is the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (the Book of the Dead). It originally appeared in the Evil Dead series. It was intended to play a part in the film, but the producers couldn’t get the rights. It may have been used in the comics or other media. I dunno, I haven’t seen them. Maybe, after the camp was shut down, Pamela Voorhee’s got a job at the college where Professor Raymond Knowby taught. She could have found his notes in his office, translations from the book he discovered in Europe, finding a way to resurrect her son. I theorize that the resurrection requires human sacrifice. This may explain Mrs. Voorhees’ later actions. She would kill trespassers at the camp, to keep it closed. The vacant property came to be known as Camp Blood. Ralph Neeley (often called by his nickname “Crazy Ralph”) claimed that the area has a “death curse”. Counselors who were engaging in sex, drugs, drinking alcohol, or (in her view) other immoral activities would be her prime targets. The more souls she sent to Hell gave Jason more strength to return. At first, he could only manifest himself within her mind as a disembodied spirit. This would give her the appearance of being schizophrenic as Jason spoke to her. Her death would be the final sacrifice needed to restore his body. Before returning from the bottom of the lake, Jason’s spirit sent a psychic message, in a dream, to the girl responsible for killing his mother. The meaning of the dream was clear, “I’m coming for you.” Of course, she was killed in Part 2.

Alone and homeless, the reborn Jason Voorhees built a tiny shack in the woods for shelter, with a shrine to his mother inside. Her decapitated head lay in the center. He survived by hunting wild animals, stealing clothing and supplies from the nearby area, always out of sight. Claiming Camp Crystal Lake as his territory, Jason would continue to reap the souls of “sinners”, rapidly growing in size and strength. That explains the physical build of the different stuntmen who played him in each movie. The second movie is supposed to take place a few months after events in the first, yet Jason has already grown into a teenager or young adult.

Jason wore a burlap sack over his head with a single eyehole that was cut out on the left side, in Part 2, much like the Phantom Killer in The Town That Dreaded Sundown. He was still very self-conscious about his disfigured appearance, from all the bullying he received as a child. When the sack was lost, he replaced it with a hockey mask taken from one of his victims in Part 3. This is the same mask he wore in the rest of the movies, identifiable by a crack he received from a blow to the head with an axe.

The only people he has ever shown mercy to have been children. The only person able to kill him, permanently, has been a child. That is very interesting. The innocence of children may be his only weakness. Maybe because they’re virgins? Maybe because he has a tiny bit of a conscience left?

Part 4 has the unique distinction of having two cast members who I have been compared to before on multiple occasions, Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. Wow! Corey (as young Tommy Jarvis) kills Jason, too! Double wow!

I will forgive Part 6 for the idiocy of its protagonist, a now grown adult Tommy Jarvis, who digs up and accidentally resurrects the decomposing corpse of Jason from his grave. Way to go Tommy! You’re no Corey Feldman, buddy! The rest of the movie makes up for it. Part 6 is the last really good film in the series. It is funny , well written, well produced, and is a lot of fun. This rotting decomposing version of Jason is sometimes called Zombie Jason by fans. He was always sort of undead. But, he was faster in the earlier movies and susceptible to experiencing pain. Not so with Zombie Jason. Maybe his necrotic muscles and decayed nervous system are responsible. He does continue to get stronger in each movie. So the Necronomicon theory still holds, I think.

His long anticipated showdown with Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs. Jason takes place between Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X, in the canonical continuity. But, it was released afterward due to rights issues. All three are pretty stupid. It is said that New Line Cinema killed the franchise when they purchased, then mismanaged, it. But, it was already on the decline, with diminishing box office returns and poor reception from fans & critics. Maybe they put it out of its misery. I still watch them, I admit. Jason himself is still great, even in the worst ones. But, I cringe at the dumb retcons and shitty storytelling. It is fitting that Friday The 13th‘s final resting place is in space. Outer space is where horror franchises go to die; Critters, Leprechaun… Hellraiser?

Should it get another sequel? Should it be rebooted again? Or should this boogeyman be laid to rest?

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s an occasion when we celebrate WAR, by barbecuing on the graves of dead soldiers. Yay. Isn’t it fun that there are now young men and women dying in multiple wars that began before they were born? Yay.

I wanted to include a video with this blog. But, I’m still not feeling it. I haven’t had any energy or motivation in months. I cleaned up my studio area a little bit, though. I threw out a lot of clutter. I did a little housecleaning. I sold some items in my family’s garage sale. Then, I sold a few items online. I finally got one decent professional microphone! A Shure SM57 (and a high quality pop filter to go with it)! I have been using the same shitty secondhand Radio Shack mic since 1985! I stopped billing my Patreon friends a few months ago, since I am so far behind on rewards that I owe them. I will resume billing after I’ve caught up on those. One of my CD/DVD drives quit and I had to replace it. It may be because my PC is so old, like everything else.

I got both of my “Fauci ouchie” vaccine shots. Everything is opening up a little more. I think the pandemic might be officially over by the end of summer. It could have been over A FUCKING YEAR AGO, if some people weren’t such ignorant asshats. But, it is what it is. What are musicians gonna do? How many venues are there left? I probably won’t be playing live much anymore. I hate performing alone, have always sucked at booking gigs, and I’m getting too old to deal with band bullshit. I’m at the “Fat Elvis” stage of life, literally.

I watched a documentary about R. Stevie Moore, the godfather of DIY home recording. He has recorded over 400 albums, alone, by himself, since the late 1960’s. He recorded cheap music videos for many of his songs, long before there was anywhere to get them played. When YouTube came along, he finally had somewhere to show them. The internet has given him the recognition that he has been long overdue, resulting in his first European tour, at the age of 60. But, it came too late. His body is wearing down and he doesn’t have the energy or stamina to keep going. He finally quit playing music altogether, in 2019. That will probably be me in a couple of years.

I keep trying out different self-help productivity ideas, dealing with depression, anxiety, OCPD. Sometimes they work for a little while, until they don’t. I keep doing what kind of works, for me, and try something else. Finding the right structural balance seems to be what I need.

I’m gonna focus more on recording and making videos than continue trying to jam out with people, who probably won’t be interested anyway. That’s a very different mindset. But, it does suit my introverted personality better. I get discouraged sometimes when I’m working on something and it isn’t what I really wanted it to be. I know I should know better than to get caught in a perfectionist trap. It’s a bummer when I wish I had “X” to make something, but have to make-do with something else or forget it. Maybe that is part of my problem. Maybe I should go back to therapy again. The old mental health clinic I went to infuriated me to no end with their bureaucratic bullshit. It must have driven the staff crazy, too, because all the best people resigned. Mediocrity and incompetence is all that was left when I quit going.

Well, enjoy your hamburgers and hotdogs. I’ve got work to do now.

Happy Groundhog Day

Hey everybody! Remember me? It has been like a hundred years. But, I’m still here. It is Groundhog Day and every day is the same old shit, again and again and again.

Several months ago, I stated the condition of my studio as being pretty bad. Well, it still is pretty bad, but not as much. I was able to get an old quad core computer I had laying around fixed, for my video/music work. I bought the wrong parts for it. But, a repair guy managed to make it work, anyway, for $50 bucks! Cool! MarshaKat is my usual IT tech. She was able to install an old DVD-R/CD-R drive into one of the bays, after I found some necessary cables in a box buried somewhere (Everything I own is held together with bubblegum and duct tape). I will be getting a mouse and keyboard for it soon.

I have been cleaning out closets and digging through containers, to decide what is going into the trash and what is going into storage. I’m making a little bit of progress. My storage unit rental fee has gone up, though. I can’t find anywhere else to go. If I brought my stuff back into my apartment building I’m not sure if I could keep everything or not. The storage lockers are kind of small.

The excessive stress of 2020, which has killed my creativity, is winding down. I feel better. Hopefully, the vaccinations will roll out faster and the pandemic can be over in a couple more months. I’m betting by late summer that everything will be opened up again. I dunno what will be left of the music/art scenes. I guess I could play in people’s basements or other DIY shows. It is more likely that I will focus on making videos here instead of live performance. I absolutely suck at booking gigs and I can never keep a stable group together for longer than a few months. I’m getting too old for typical band bullshit, anyhow. Maybe it is better this way.

When the weather warms up, I may ask my grandmother to let me paint and record in her garage. The paint fumes are too toxic for my little space, with my cat, and I have to keep the noise level down. There is no room to set up my ShitKit anywhere here, anyhow. I asked if there is anywhere in the garage I could put my stuff that I have in storage. But, she said no.

Depression has been kicking my ass a lot, for months. I finally got some work done around the apartment, after weeks of neglect. I’m catching up on my mail again. If I can get back into a routine I will try to release my work more regularly. I finally got my publishing stuff set up with BMI and an LLC, etc. Not that I expect to make a lot of money. But, at least it is there. If we get a stimulus/survival check I am paying some long overdue debts off. Maybe I can afford an upgrade or two for the home studio if anything is left. We will see what happens.


I am long overdue to post a video (or anything). Consider this a warm-up. Something better will come. If 2020 was a dumpster fire from Hell, then what is 2021 going to be? We are only a week in and the shit has already hit the fan.

After the MAGA riot in DC this week, there have been many online videos, many opinion articles, about what happens next. What will happen and what should happen may be two different things. I think most folks overwhelmingly agree that Donald J. Trump has to go as soon as legally possible. Chickenshit politicians and pundits want to just wait out the next two weeks until Joe Biden is sworn in. They don’t want to upset the MAGA cult. Well, so what? Trump’s cult is going to be angry no matter what happens. Legally and morally, he has to be removed from office and be prosecuted. He is an unstable threat to national security, period.

Chickenshit politicians and pundits say that they want to “look forward, not backward”, unite everyone together, yada-yada-yada. Obama did that with the crimes of Bush/Cheney, which is how we got to where we are now. Without consequences, you are explicitly permitting illegal and unethical behavior. You will definitely get more of it again…and worse, if it is tolerated. Next time, it won’t be a buffoon like Dubya Shrub or Diaper Don-the-Con. Next time, it be someone more intelligent. A more competent fascist. They will destroy this country.

Democrats want Trump to resign. He won’t. They want Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. He won’t. They’ve drawn up articles of impeachment, in case neither happens. It won’t. But, They have the votes necessary. So, just do it. I think an expedited impeachment is what needs to happen, anyway. Donald Trump would lose all post-presidential privileges and be barred from running for any public office ever again. This also makes him less of a political threat to Republicans. So, more of them will finally be emboldened enough to stand up to him and his cult.

His enablers in congress, particularly those who consistently spread the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, who wanted to stop Mike Pence from certifying the electoral votes, need to be ejected from office as well. Every politician who tried to overturn the election needs to be removed and prosecuted for any possible crimes they have committed. They are seditionists, who don’t believe in American democracy. They have no place in our government. After the Civil War, supporters of the Confederacy were removed for the same reason. They are traitors against the United States of America. Somehow, it is fitting that many of the rioters brought confederate flags and wore Nazi paraphernalia. That is their party, their REAL party. Some of these cowardly opportunist Republicans have reluctantly backpedaled since it was finally THEM being threatened by the mob. They get no credit for this. There is no “standing on moral principle” when you’re only trying to save your own ass. However, if they vote to impeach and remove Donald Trump, maybe they should be allowed to keep their seat. It is the barest minimum that they can do to make amends for the damage they have done. But, if so, they should still be censured and lose all committee seats. Their power has to be as minimal as possible.

Trump has floated the idea of pardoning himself. It is a legal absurdity to suggest it. Constitutionally, I don’t believe he has that power. The Justice Department has already written about this, back when Richard Nixon inquired about it. I think that Congress should restrain any pardon power that he has. How it is still possible for a president to pardon those who are in a conflict of interest with him is beyond me.

I’m not very enthused about a Biden administration. One consolation is that, with the senate going to the Democrats, Bernie Sanders will become the most powerful man in Congress. That’s leverage! It could make a huge difference in how the next four years go. Biden is no Roosevelt. But, maybe he can be pushed into being an LBJ. One can hope. Joe Biden, like all Democrats before him in the past century, have a big Republican mess to clean up. It happens every time.

The vaccines are coming. The murder hornets are being exterminated. Those have to happen for the economy to improve. We may even get more financial aid from the government. Am I optimistic about 2021? Cautiously. We are witnessing the last gasps of the worst president in American history. There isn’t even a question about it anymore. But, it will end near Martin Luther King Day, just as it began four years ago.