Happy Groundhog Day

Hey everybody! Remember me? It has been like a hundred years. But, I’m still here. It is Groundhog Day and every day is the same old shit, again and again and again.

Several months ago, I stated the condition of my studio as being pretty bad. Well, it still is pretty bad, but not as much. I was able to get an old quad core computer I had laying around fixed, for my video/music work. I bought the wrong parts for it. But, a repair guy managed to make it work, anyway, for $50 bucks! Cool! MarshaKat is my usual IT tech. She was able to install an old DVD-R/CD-R drive into one of the bays, after I found some necessary cables in a box buried somewhere (Everything I own is held together with bubblegum and duct tape). I will be getting a mouse and keyboard for it soon.

I have been cleaning out closets and digging through containers, to decide what is going into the trash and what is going into storage. I’m making a little bit of progress. My storage unit rental fee has gone up, though. I can’t find anywhere else to go. If I brought my stuff back into my apartment building I’m not sure if I could keep everything or not. The storage lockers are kind of small.

The excessive stress of 2020, which has killed my creativity, is winding down. I feel better. Hopefully, the vaccinations will roll out faster and the pandemic can be over in a couple more months. I’m betting by late summer that everything will be opened up again. I dunno what will be left of the music/art scenes. I guess I could play in people’s basements or other DIY shows. It is more likely that I will focus on making videos here instead of live performance. I absolutely suck at booking gigs and I can never keep a stable group together for longer than a few months. I’m getting too old for typical band bullshit, anyhow. Maybe it is better this way.

When the weather warms up, I may ask my grandmother to let me paint and record in her garage. The paint fumes are too toxic for my little space, with my cat, and I have to keep the noise level down. There is no room to set up my ShitKit anywhere here, anyhow. I asked if there is anywhere in the garage I could put my stuff that I have in storage. But, she said no.

Depression has been kicking my ass a lot, for months. I finally got some work done around the apartment, after weeks of neglect. I’m catching up on my mail again. If I can get back into a routine I will try to release my work more regularly. I finally got my publishing stuff set up with BMI and an LLC, etc. Not that I expect to make a lot of money. But, at least it is there. If we get a stimulus/survival check I am paying some long overdue debts off. Maybe I can afford an upgrade or two for the home studio if anything is left. We will see what happens.

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