I am long overdue to post a video (or anything). Consider this a warm-up. Something better will come. If 2020 was a dumpster fire from Hell, then what is 2021 going to be? We are only a week in and the shit has already hit the fan.

After the MAGA riot in DC this week, there have been many online videos, many opinion articles, about what happens next. What will happen and what should happen may be two different things. I think most folks overwhelmingly agree that Donald J. Trump has to go as soon as legally possible. Chickenshit politicians and pundits want to just wait out the next two weeks until Joe Biden is sworn in. They don’t want to upset the MAGA cult. Well, so what? Trump’s cult is going to be angry no matter what happens. Legally and morally, he has to be removed from office and be prosecuted. He is an unstable threat to national security, period.

Chickenshit politicians and pundits say that they want to “look forward, not backward”, unite everyone together, yada-yada-yada. Obama did that with the crimes of Bush/Cheney, which is how we got to where we are now. Without consequences, you are explicitly permitting illegal and unethical behavior. You will definitely get more of it again…and worse, if it is tolerated. Next time, it won’t be a buffoon like Dubya Shrub or Diaper Don-the-Con. Next time, it be someone more intelligent. A more competent fascist. They will destroy this country.

Democrats want Trump to resign. He won’t. They want Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. He won’t. They’ve drawn up articles of impeachment, in case neither happens. It won’t. But, They have the votes necessary. So, just do it. I think an expedited impeachment is what needs to happen, anyway. Donald Trump would lose all post-presidential privileges and be barred from running for any public office ever again. This also makes him less of a political threat to Republicans. So, more of them will finally be emboldened enough to stand up to him and his cult.

His enablers in congress, particularly those who consistently spread the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, who wanted to stop Mike Pence from certifying the electoral votes, need to be ejected from office as well. Every politician who tried to overturn the election needs to be removed and prosecuted for any possible crimes they have committed. They are seditionists, who don’t believe in American democracy. They have no place in our government. After the Civil War, supporters of the Confederacy were removed for the same reason. They are traitors against the United States of America. Somehow, it is fitting that many of the rioters brought confederate flags and wore Nazi paraphernalia. That is their party, their REAL party. Some of these cowardly opportunist Republicans have reluctantly backpedaled since it was finally THEM being threatened by the mob. They get no credit for this. There is no “standing on moral principle” when you’re only trying to save your own ass. However, if they vote to impeach and remove Donald Trump, maybe they should be allowed to keep their seat. It is the barest minimum that they can do to make amends for the damage they have done. But, if so, they should still be censured and lose all committee seats. Their power has to be as minimal as possible.

Trump has floated the idea of pardoning himself. It is a legal absurdity to suggest it. Constitutionally, I don’t believe he has that power. The Justice Department has already written about this, back when Richard Nixon inquired about it. I think that Congress should restrain any pardon power that he has. How it is still possible for a president to pardon those who are in a conflict of interest with him is beyond me.

I’m not very enthused about a Biden administration. One consolation is that, with the senate going to the Democrats, Bernie Sanders will become the most powerful man in Congress. That’s leverage! It could make a huge difference in how the next four years go. Biden is no Roosevelt. But, maybe he can be pushed into being an LBJ. One can hope. Joe Biden, like all Democrats before him in the past century, have a big Republican mess to clean up. It happens every time.

The vaccines are coming. The murder hornets are being exterminated. Those have to happen for the economy to improve. We may even get more financial aid from the government. Am I optimistic about 2021? Cautiously. We are witnessing the last gasps of the worst president in American history. There isn’t even a question about it anymore. But, it will end near Martin Luther King Day, just as it began four years ago.

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