A Skunk By Any Other Name…


“Ronnie Michael Sullivan.”

It is no secret that my legal name has always caused confusion and given me problems.

Seriously, no one even told me my given name until I had entered school.

Then, I had to argue about what my name is with teachers telling me to write my name.

Years later, I also discovered that my surname had been changed while I was very young.

That didn’t bother me as me as much, since I hated it anyway.

I hated both my given and surnames.

My middle name, Michael, is the only one that I actually ever felt like was my real name.

The others were inconvenient appendages that were frequently necessary.

My parents asked me if I wanted to change my legal name.

I heartily agreed to, YES!

But, they never followed through with it.

I sometimes thought about doing it myself.

I never got around to it, though.

I had not decided what to replace it with.

I thought about using “Mike Nobody”, somehow.

But, I admit that it is a bit silly to do that.

Samuel Clemens never actually changed his name to Mark Twain.

But, musician / singer Vincent Furnier changed his legal name to Alice Cooper, after going solo from the group of the same name.

Actor / dancer Fred Barry changed his legal name to Fred Rerun Barry, after the TV show “What’s Happening” had been cancelled.

So, it is not unheard of for an artist or performer to change their name to one that they are publicly recognized as.

I kicked around “Michael Nobody Ron-Sullivan” as a possible compromise, sorta like Olivia Newton-John.

Or does that sound too stupid?