The Residents

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I’m kind of in the mood for some Residents today, some psychedelic bunny-hop music.

My favorite era of theirs is the 1970’s-1980’s, up until the death of “Snakefinger” (Phillip Lithman).

Fingerprince is probably my favorite album from that time.

They made few public appearances during this period, spending most of their time recording albums quite prolifically.

I first saw them on the fledgling MTV, back when it played music videos all day (remember those?).

The Residents, literally, invented the music video.

I feel like their songwriting suffered a bit as they relied increasingly on new technologies and spent more time on the road touring.

The death of Snakefinger was also a crushing blow to the group.

I am not sure if they ever really recovered from it.

But, even to this day, I still enjoy their creative output.

They never stopped making more and more music & art, of every possible medium.