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MikeyCat OneCatBand

I was not feeling well for a couple of days.

I am doing better now.

While making a mixtape for a friend, yesterday, I was listening to many musical duos and one-man-bands.

It got me thinking of ways that I could condense songs written for a five-piece group into a one-man-band format.

Not something I relish doing.

But, I feel like it is a matter of necessity, if I am ever going to get anything substantial done soon.

One-man-bands commonly are one person who sings and plays guitar while drumming with their feet.

My foot coordination is TERRIBLE, though.

I am working on ways around little problems like that.

But, basically, I will be playing bass & singing through my usual odd setup (it may be a little stripped-down for live performing) and playing my hodgepodge junk drum set, the ShitKit.

The original ShitKit got hauled away, mistakenly, awhile ago.

So, I am working on building a better one, a new-and-improved “ShitKit 2.0”.

It may be a slow, gradual, process.

Some pieces are cheap or free.

Others are a little pricey.

But, I will get it finished, eventually.

Anyway, I may alternate between the bass or drums.

I may play some parts simultaneously, if I can.

I will probably require my Dictaphone machine and taped drum machines, samples, keyboards, whatever.

I will work it out, somehow.

The first issue of “Thee Urban SpaceCat (CassetteZine)” will likely contain some of this material inside.

I will try to get that out as soon as I can.

The most common hurdle, for me, is financing.

But, maybe i can find cheaper ways of getting it done.


Mike Nobody =^.^=

November, November…

I Just Want To Get My Shit Together

Being poor gets so exhausting.

I am just tired of being tired of being broke all the time.

None of the jobs that I applied for have been interested in hiring me.

Probably because I am too old, unskilled, and disabled… just a hunch.

I found some possible parts to rebuild my new ShitKit with; a cheap beginner’s set at Value World, a truck spring, and an empty propane tank for free on Craigslist.

But, I can’t afford to buy anything, not even oil & gas to go get the free shit.

I am living on ramen noodles and peanut butter until my bridge card gets paid, and I only get $16/mo for THAT.

A lot of the problem with being poor is that ANY minor setback can fuck you up for months.

A traffic ticket leads to more expenses (like renewing car insurance), which leads to carrying overdrafts on your bank account for several months, which leads to compounded fees, etc.

Then, by the time you can dig yourself out of one hole, SOMETHING ELSE happens and starts it all over again.

Vehicle problems are good at that.

Living on social security is no life of luxury, for sure, and congress will not adjust COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) through the next year.

If a Republican becomes president, it will just get worse.

Oi, vey!

Vote for Bernie!

I missed my medications in the past few days.

I guess being stressed-out about the bed bug invasion distracted me a lot.

So, my mood is not very good.

I have been in the sort of mood where I get a lot of ideas for creative things that I would want to do, except that I don’t want to do ANYTHING at all except sleep and wait for death.

Which is really a shame, because I was kind of on a roll for a couple of days.

I produced a lot of drawings and came up with some new ideas.

I might have done more if I could get any supplies that I need.

I am resuming my medications, trying to get back on track again.

I have posted more used items in my “virtual garage sale” if anybody wants to check that stuff out on Bandcamp.

I successfully posted one item on Ebay.

But, I had trouble with some others.

So, I may just stick to selling stuff from Bandcamp where I kinda know what I am doing.

While going through some boxes, I came across a bunch of small leftover jars (like the ones I used for the “Beginner’s Luck” Microcassette-Zine).

I don’t like wasting something if I can reuse it.

So, I am making limited edition Surprise Jars.

Each jar is a little different, containing some unique items for collectors.

I will be posting an exclusive audio track to be downloaded with each purchase.

I will try to get that ready and posted soon.

I have no idea if the Island of Misfit Noise is going to perform anywhere anytime soon.

We were supposedly booked for December, but the plug got pulled.

I started on a few songs for everybody to contribute to.

But, it looks like they will just sit unused for awhile.

If any of the other collaborators wanna add something, we can still record it for the next album.

I am going to focus on my solo work for the time being.

I will try to have at least a partial live set ready, in case another gig is offered.

If I had my ShitKit built, I could put together something interesting for a Mike Damn Nobody show.

I was thinking of doing a noise-drum-vocal kind of thing, similar to Black Pus, but more chaotic.

It does not look like that will happen anytime soon, though.

I have a few parts laying around for building a noise machine, similar to Bradford Reed’s Pencilina, but kinda more like the modified guitars created by Masahiko Ohno (Solmania).

I dunno.

Maybe I should hold off on performing live again until all of this stuff is in order.

But, knowing me, NOTHING is ever in order anyway.


I want a Pepsi.

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Send $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping to:
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