Mike Nobody: One-Cat-Band

MikeyCat OneCatBand

I was not feeling well for a couple of days.

I am doing better now.

While making a mixtape for a friend, yesterday, I was listening to many musical duos and one-man-bands.

It got me thinking of ways that I could condense songs written for a five-piece group into a one-man-band format.

Not something I relish doing.

But, I feel like it is a matter of necessity, if I am ever going to get anything substantial done soon.

One-man-bands commonly are one person who sings and plays guitar while drumming with their feet.

My foot coordination is TERRIBLE, though.

I am working on ways around little problems like that.

But, basically, I will be playing bass & singing through my usual odd setup (it may be a little stripped-down for live performing) and playing my hodgepodge junk drum set, the ShitKit.

The original ShitKit got hauled away, mistakenly, awhile ago.

So, I am working on building a better one, a new-and-improved “ShitKit 2.0”.

It may be a slow, gradual, process.

Some pieces are cheap or free.

Others are a little pricey.

But, I will get it finished, eventually.

Anyway, I may alternate between the bass or drums.

I may play some parts simultaneously, if I can.

I will probably require my Dictaphone machine and taped drum machines, samples, keyboards, whatever.

I will work it out, somehow.

The first issue of “Thee Urban SpaceCat (CassetteZine)” will likely contain some of this material inside.

I will try to get that out as soon as I can.

The most common hurdle, for me, is financing.

But, maybe i can find cheaper ways of getting it done.


Mike Nobody =^.^=