ShitKit 2.0: The NEW AND IMPROVED Not-So-ShitKit


There is no telling when or if another drummer will come along, who wants to jam or do anything with me.
It looks like I am alone for awhile, in that regard.
I would like to rebuild my ShitKit, with assorted pieces of scrap metal & junk, except this time I want a NEW AND IMPROVED Not-So-ShitKit.

I want samplers and electronic pads.

An acrylic drum kit (Zickos are nice) would be a good foundation to build up from, but not essential.

I know that no one cares about this shit but me.
I like to share things anyway.
Of course, I am too broke to get this stuff now.
But, I am hoping that an employer will call me with a job soon
(crossing fingers).

Anyway, here are some items that have been on my wishlist for awhile.
Maybe a miracle will happen, I dunno.

  • Roland MV 8000 (or MV8800) Sampler with Monitor.
  • Roland SPD-30 Octapad Electronic Drum Pads.
  • Korg WD-X-GLB Wavedrum Global Edition Percussion Synthesizer

I would love to collect more effect pedals and other drum machines as I go along.
I would love to build some custom instruments; a new bass, a baritone guitar, etc.
But, I would really, really, really, really, like to get these first.
I had them included on my Indiegogo and GoFundMe campaigns.
But, I didn’t raise a nickle, not even to fix my van with.

“Bad Car Mojo” has drained all of my money and sunk my bank account.
I will have to dig myself out of this hole first.
Korg WAVEDRUM Global Edition Percussion Synthesizer WD-X-GLB at NAMMRoland Octapad SPD-30 BK, Near-mint, l1600Roland MV 8000 with Monitor and how to DVD and Books$_57Pussy Galore Bob Bert At Drum KitPussy Galore Drum Kit_fbc38a7aa3Skeleton Key - 1905615429_nBipolar Gentlemen - july232011-16Einstürzende Neubauten - en_sherihausey_12

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