I’m working on a schedule.

Dunno if I can stick to it.

But, at least it is a goal to strive toward.

I would like to write and record a new song each week. I have a terrible habit of only getting parts of things done before depression kicks in and I do absolutely nothing.

I would like to book at least two shows every month, one as Mike Nobody and one as Mike Damn Nobody. But, I SUCK, SUCK, SUCK at booking gigs. I think that nearly all of the shows I have played were booked by someone else or I was invited to perform.

I would like to publish a new zine about every three months, quarterly. But, I’m always broke. If I set aside a few bucks each month ($20-30), maybe I can build up a fund for music & art projects. We will see about that. I am currently (at least) $7,000 dollars in the hole.

I would like to release a new video blog, at least monthly. Maybe also a music video to coincide with each issue of the zine? I dunno. I tried to make vlogs weekly. But, I couldn’t do it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returns to TV soon. So, I am definitely making each Sunday “Pizza & Ninja Turtles Day.” A TMNT marathon ALL DAY LONG.

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