Tapes, CD’s, and Downloads…Oh, My!

I’ve been doing some internet housecleaning, trying to reorganize everything.
Updating Facebook, and whatnot.

Consequently, more people have been asking to listen to us lately.
I hate using the “dog ate my homework” excuse.
But, a hacker destroyed our studio hard drive.
I do not know how long it will take us to fully repair it, let alone record some new music to put up online.

Faced with this dilemma, I dug out some old tapes/CD’s of yours truly in an effort to have SOMETHING, ANYTHING, available for those who are curious about us.
I even found some extra copies of original tapes and out-of-print CD’s, SEALED!
So, we may even make some money at this.
I’ve been uploading what we’ve got and hope this holds people over while we struggle through our current technical difficulties.

All of this isn’t exactly representative of where we are at right now.
But, if someone reads about us (and uses their imagination a little bit) they might get the general idea of what we are like.
Maybe not.

I will attempt to upload more current material as we are able to.
Meanwhile, I hope people check us out and write to us, even if just to say that we suck.
Preferably, more people will want to collaborate with us and work on something different.
I want to have enough material ready to play out by the Spring or early Summer.

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