NegativeM+ Complete!

Hi all,

Been busy! Busy, busy, busy. We seemed to have secured a stable practice space and completed our lineup, practically no thanks to Bandmix! Craigslist gets most of the credit.

Both drummers are in the auto parts / repair industries, which should come in handy. Our newest guy is quite proficient with home studio gear. He’s supposed to be helping us figure out our MIDI stuff in the next week. So, that’s cool. His other band seems to have the habit of falling ass-backwards into paying gigs without trying. Hopefully, that will come in use for us too.

So, besides my girlfriend and I, we’ve got a Deadhead, a metalhead, and a noisehead. Basically, everyone we got is tired of the music they hear on the radio and tired of the usual bands they’ve played in. So, our experimental nature is a good fit for them.

Considering the good response we got from our ads and the number of people we never even got to meet up with, we’ll keep the door open if anyone doesn’t mind being a “temp” or “Fake Shemp” for the band. Basically, they’ll help out with transporting equipment, selling merch, covering the door, et cetera. They can jam onstage with us for a couple songs and fill-in for members who become incapacitated due to illness, injury, or whatever.


Hopefully, the newest guy will get settled in his new place he moved to and we’ll get busy on demo’ing some new stuff. The other drummer is fixing up an old Volvo wagon to transport stuff in. So, we should be in business by this summer.

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