Mayor Virg Bernero Hits CNN Your Money Anchors For Their Free Trade Rhetoric

Mayor Virg Bernero Hits CNN Your Money Anchors For Their Free Trade Rhetoric- Asks Who’s Looking Out For American Workers
By Heather Saturday Apr 18, 2009 3:45pm

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Mayor Virg Bernero was invited on CNN’s Your Money to talk about how people are dealing with unemployment when it looks like there are no jobs coming back. I don’t think Bernero’s response was exactly the one they were looking for. Give ’em hell Virg.

VELSHI: The number of people getting jobless benefits in the United States tops 6 million for the first time this week. When the economy recovers the jobless rate should go down, but that 6 million people is even deceiving because that’s the number of people getting jobless benefits and there are a whole lot of people who have been unemployed for so long they are just not getting benefits.

ROMANS: Right. People who have completely dropped out of the labor market as well, who have just sort of given up.

And frankly, some jobs especially in the manufacturing sector, there’s a lot of concern that some of those jobs won’t come back and there’s even kind of an argument from people who say well those jobs aren’t coming back so let’s talk about innovation and something else.

We wanted to ask someone who has been dealing with this directly, what to do when your jobs are gone. Virg Bernero is the mayor of Lansing. Welcome to the program.

VIRG BERNERO, MAYOR, LANSING, MICHIGAN: Welcome — hello, good to be here.

VELSHI: Let’s talk about this. You are the mayor of Lansing. Michigan is clearly the state with the highest unemployment rate and there have been so many jobs lost and I just want to give our viewers a sense of this, back in 1999 the unemployment rate in the state of Michigan was 3.9 percent.

It went from 3.9 percent to 7.6 percent almost ten years later in 2008. By 2009 the state of Michigan has an unemployment rate of 12.6 percent and Lansing has a higher unemployment rate than that. Tell me your situation.

BERNERO: We are challenged. It’s tough, but we are not alone. We’re not unlike a lot of industrial cities. I’ve formed a group with other mayors the Alliance for the Automotive Coalition and other manufacturing mayors. We are hurting, there is no question about it and we do not accept that manufacturing is over because we think that manufacturing is key to the economic future of this country.

Our industries were in transition and General Motors we’re a GM town, proudly so, we created a the Cadillac CTS motor trend car of the year last year and we know how productive and capable our people are and the great products they can produce, but we’re in a global environment and we’re in a free trade environment that has been created by Wall Street and Washington.

So our people struggle to compete and to win in that global economy, and I’m afraid that it’s a race to the bottom. There’s something wrong, I tell you, when you can produce great products and yet still, not be quote, unquote, competitive enough to win in this global economy.

ROMANS: Mayor you have been a big critic of free trade agreement and you blame some of these free trade agreements for the situation we’re in now and here we now in a global recession where around the world we’re talking about not putting up barriers and not moving toward protectionism and trying to make sure that we’re all in this boat together.

Matthews Hits Back on the Whining About Texas Being a Donor State

Matthews Hits Back on the Whining About Texas Being a Donor State: Biggest Donor States Are Blue States
By Heather Saturday Apr 18, 2009 11:00am

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Chris Matthews asks Rep. John Culberson to respond to Tom DeLay’s whining about Texas being a donor state and points out that the states which are the biggest donor states are mainly blue states and the ones which receive the most are primarily red states. Of course Culberson has to try to change the subject and talk about not wanting our children taxed instead of answering the question. You sure didn’t see any Republicans coming on the television worried about our children’s future while Bush was breaking the bank. Matthews gives it another shot and then… what else could he possibly retreat to? Culberson pulls out the France/socialism boogeyman card.

Matthews: Do you think Texas has a special complaint against the union because you believe that you’re a donor state. That’s what Tom DeLay said last night. A special complaint. It turns out that a lot of the liberal states which you guys would call Democrat states up in the Northeast, states like New Jersey, are the ones that spend the most money in taxes. Now maybe they should be complainers like Texas but, they’re not complaining. Why are you guys complaining? Why are the pitchforks so out in the rural states?

Culberson: Because Texas is, because we see Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and this Congress trying to turn America into France. And Texas is not going to become France. We don’t want to be a socialist, European nation. We treasure our freedom. We treasure local government. We treasure the right to let Texans run Texas.

Yeah, heaven forbid the US could become anything like that scary, scary France. The horror of possibly having nationalized health care, shorter work weeks and stronger unions. I don’t know how we’d survive it. Matthews makes Culberson look as foolish as he is with his Texas loves America more than anyone nonsense that follows. They love it so much they want to leave it.

Culberson: ..the core point here is Texans have a special feeling in our hearts about what it means to be an American. And to be an American means the government should leave me alone and get off my back and get out of my way and get out of my wallet…(crosstalk)

Matthews: Who has that special feeling?

Culberson: More than anyone else I think Texans have a special feeling in their heart about what it means to be an American and the core values that made Americans…(crosstalk)

Matthews: You know how absurd that is Congressman. You say that you guys are more emotional about your Americanism and yet you’ve got a Governor talking about splitting from America. You know how absurd that sounds.

Culberson: He’s not serious about it. Governor Perry…

Matthews: Why’d he..he did it all week this week. (crosstalk) You say you love the country but you’re threatening to leave it.

Yes completely absurd and hypocritical but I’m sure they won’t let that stop them from continuing with the absurdity. Never does. I want to hear that same tough talk out of these idiots the next time they have a hurricane and need some help from the Federal government.