The Christmas Flood of 2022

I was planning to add a video to this. But, it has already taken too long to get this out. Maybe next time.

In the middle of December I didn’t have any heat. Usually, the tenants below are burning me out and I have to keep a window open all winter. Christmas Eve, around 11:00pm, a pipe burst in my living room and flooded the entire apartment. No one from the building’s emergency maintenance could be reached. It was Christmas weekend. So, the water didn’t get shut off for a day or two. I had no choice but to rescue my cat and take any clothes I could immediately grab to my grandmother’s house.

We stayed there for the next couple of weeks while I salvaged what I could and threw the rest of the junk in the trash. Most of the electronics seem unharmed. The furniture was not. I’m mostly living out of boxes now. I relocated to the other side of the building in an apartment that has just been rewired, repainted, and re-carpeted. It is identical to the previous apartment, but cleaner. It sorta feels like 2023 is a reboot of my life (again). Some catastrophic disaster usually forces me to move about every seven years or so. I should be all set until 2030, by that pattern! Maybe the building will collapse next time.

I’ve spent the last month organizing what I have left and reassembling my studio (again). The new arrangement actually makes a little more practical sense than the previous layout did. It is gonna take awhile to replace the furniture and stuff. I’m beyond broke. For now, though, everything seems to be settling down and I’m reestablishing my routines.

I dunno when I’ll post the next video. So, I’ll include some of that information here.

I sold out the first two issues of my cassette-zine Theee Urban Spacecat. While I am proud that I eventually put those out, I admit that they were rushed. I wanted to get something, ANYTHING, done. I will go back and issue revised versions after #3 is published. I’m not setting any concrete deadlines. I foolishly believed that scheduling everything I do on Patreon, for a subscribing audience, would help increase my productivity. But, it stressed me out and only made my procrastination worse. I’m sure that I still owe songs to some friends. I have had to re-re-revaluate how I do things around here. I’m my own worst enemy.

I have some other artistic activities being planned. I will divulge those later when I have confirmation. Meanwhile, I am catching up on my existing work as I put my apartment back in order.