Crumb Answer

I’m gonna be offline for a week or two.

I’m disconnecting my cable/internet for a short time.

But, I should return with a cheaper internet package and save a few bucks.

I really need it!


I’m looking for a part-time job to cover my increasing expenses.

I may have found something that could work out.

But, I haven’t gotten a reply yet.


My computer has been gone for a few weeks.

It died.

My aunt, who does IT work for the local school district, is trying to Frankenstein together a new one for me from that and other parts which I had laying around.

I’ve been using a tiny laptop, on loan, with very little memory and few capabilities.

It is basically just for reading email.

I may look into getting another, if I can get this job.


I need it for doing some of my work.

Between that and typical money problems, I think I will have to change some plans.

Theee Urban SpaceCat Cassette-Zine WILL get published….yes, really.

But, I will have to make a cheaper version; no color, no glossy paper, none of the slick extras that I intended to include with it.

A lot of stuff that I already completed will have go back into storage, I guess.

It’s a bummer.

But, it’s that or nothing.

I’m tired of nothing.

I’m tired of delays, delays, delays.

My greatest strengths and weaknesses are patience and persistence.

I never know when to quit.

I’d rather not do anything at all, than do something that I don’t wanna do, the way that I don’t wanna do it.

This is probably why I throw away so much stuff that I create, before it even gets finished.


But, when I get my computer back, when I get my internet back, I’m probably gonna put out a LOT more material.

I already have at least, like, five videos waiting to be edited and uploaded.

I have hours of demos to finish tracking and mixing.

Four blog posts are half-finished.

I have two filing cabinets full of other stuff that I’m working on.

So, shit is gonna happen.

Eventually, I will get everything done more to my liking.

But, at least temporarily, it is gonna have to be released econo-style.


The Island of Misfit Noise (Comix) will be published very close to the same time as Theee Urban SpaceCat Cassette-Zine.

The Island of Misfit Noise (Movie) is slowly being put together.

I found a makeshift green screen at a dollar store and may have found some chromakey freeware online.

This makes a HUGE difference between what I CAN and CANNOT do.


I don’t have anything really ready yet for live performing.

I will probably get to that while I’m mixing recordings for Theee Urban SpaceCat.

I have projection screens, a video mixer, and some VCRs.

I still need video projectors

But, putting on a decent video / light show with my set is getting to be more viable.

Maybe somebody can hook me up with some venues, when I’ve got this put together?


I’m gonna be Steve Austin on the comeback, man!

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better…stronger…faster.”


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