Getting Used To My Shitty Voice

Self-Steem The Offspring

I have always hated my voice.

Not that I am exactly a bad singer.

I can hit the right notes if I try.

It just sounds kinda high and nasally, in a Neil Young kinda way, to me when I hear it played back from recordings.

I have tried learning from female singers how to improve it, with some moderately good results.

I am told it would sound a lot better if I used higher-quality microphones.

That is always a possibility, I suppose.

I have never been able to afford much more than the cheapest junk available.

I still use a beaten-up Radio Shack microphone that I bought secondhand in 1985!

Sometimes I sing a little deeper, off-key, deliberately.

Almost an octave down.

I kinda like it better that way sometimes.

But, that it is just me.

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