Etsy Shop is up

Etsy Shop is up

The audiozines are still being worked on.

But, at least the Etsy site is ready.

I’ll try to make the first one available by the end of this month.

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3 thoughts on “Etsy Shop is up

  1. That’s good news Mike, Etsy is the place right now for any DIY stuff, especially zine right now, awesome!

    If you want me to do a review for you and your project, I can carefully place meta tag keywords into the review, to attract a wider audience from search engine viewers. We can have link backs disguised as part of the article put in and they can lead the prospect to any location you want them to buy it from. I happened to have over 5 years of fighting everyday with search engine robot crawlers, so I got you covered with the tech end of bring people to you. Just say “hey Rich, do a review on my shit,” then I’ll know what’s up. Oh, I am almost finished with a mini I have been loafing on for months. I’ll shoot it to ya when it’s ready. Catch you on the flip side Nobody!

    Punk Monday

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