I am doing some internet housecleaning.

MySpace is such a piece of crap.

Over 7,500 “friends” on there.

Do they even look at MySpace anymore?

It is okay that you can put your band’s page up there and people can listen to your music…if the damn site doesn’t crash your computer first.

Reverbnation & Facebook can do that without the glitches.

I thought about sending them all a message, “HEY! I’m over HERE now! Check it out!”…and close the account.

That’s maybe not a bad idea.

Maybe I’ll leave the account to rot instead of closing it though.

Please “like” or “become a fan” eh?

Mike Nobody The Island of Misfit Noise @ Facebook

One thought on “MykSpace

  1. Yeah, the death of MySpace was a hard one to handle. Fucking wasted hours building it up, just to have the decline of the western civilization happen to what was the biggest social site online at one time. Your followers will find you eventually Mike. They are feeling the same loss as all of us. Crash & Burn Myspace, eat shit and die for not preparing your faithful users for the fall. Dead air waves now bro…

    Punk Monday

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